One of a kind sculpture.

"Aqua" was unveiled and signed by Paolo Pininfarina during Art Basel week in miami, FL, 2017.



19.96 inches L x 7.75 inches W x 5.98 inches H

507mm x 197mm x 152mm


ABS + Silver Nitrate Chrome coating + PU clear coat


1/1 Signed by Paolo Pininfarina




Speed forms and their provocations of emotionality are in the blood of transportation designers, continuously looking to the core sense of their craft. Pininfarina’s legacy is tied to these roots, in the artistic sense of proportions, movements, study of volumes and reflections; from a pencil to an air traffic control tower, it is always the common thread connecting everything we do. The Cisitalia 202 was the first car, recognized as Art, to enter permanent display at the MoMA of New York. With this speed form sculpture, we reveal the earlier stages of our process, very typical of car design in heeding reflections even more so than shapes, and creating movement through experience from all points of view. Marrying aesthetic evocation with functional quality, through pureness of shape and expression of emotion, this sculpture and its further iterative sizes are just the beginning, the first, and we want to be consistent to create more to place within our projects around the world. On the anniversary of our fourth year here in Miami, we are happy to be in strong contact with the energy of Art Basel and the inspiration of fellow artists, and humbly very proud to realize our desire to work together in a world which has always been part of our heritage, in the harmonious interplay of Art and Design.




Pininfarina of America is the auxiliary U.S. presence of world-renowned Pininfarina, an iconic Italian design house recognized for the unparalleled ability to create timeless beauty. From automotive legacy the design vision has now expanded 360° into Industrial & Product, Architectural & Interior, and Transportation Design by land, air & sea. We invite you to contact us for more information via phone +1 305 424 1653 or email at america@pininfarinaextra.it

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