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Very excited to have my 14' steel sculpture "Alberto, walking to find my self" and 6 original paintings at this amazing project ARKUP.COM at 44 Star Island, Miami Beach, FL.

"Alberto, walking to find my self"

" Walking to find my self "

" Walking to find my self "

The experience of these years in the development of a neo-figurative
language within the sculptural medium has served Aguiar to face more ambitious
sculptural projects.
'Walking to find myself' (2018) is the title of the last and most spectacular sculptural project
by Hamilton Aguiar. A monumental sculpture inspired by the famous work ‘L 'Homme qui
marche’ (1961) by the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti. Aguiar's sculpture is made of
steel and its colossal dimensions (14x18 feet) work as a sort of loudspeaker of the
philosophical intensity that Giacometti attributes to his work. From that mentioned work
Aguiar recovers an expression that contains both the meaning of life and a deep
understanding of death. The viewer delves into the sculpture of an upright human body
that advances with legs and arms stretched. His step seems to freeze in space denoting
a robotic body movement, as if it were a machine that moves towards nowhere. In
'Walking to find myself', Aguiar has employed not only a figurative language, but also
resources of neo-expressionist poetics visible in the treatment of the body and the human
face. The skin and the features of this giant steel body are crushed by deformations, by
rugosities of different intensities. This effect is caused by the artist practicing, incisions of
welds with iron wire covered with copper on the sculptural surface. Therefore, both the
body and the face project a relief of accidents and slits, which are configured expressions
of contradictory human feelings: loneliness and lack of love. Rough surfaces that make
the naked body and its features somewhat ramshackle and counterfeit regarding to the
classic canons of representation of bodily beauty.
'Walking to find myself’ reflects on a humanity that flees from desolation and at the same
time cries out for the vitality of life, as a symbol of a spirit of love that struggles not to
become extinct.
The work of Hamilton Aguiar is represented by important galleries and exhibition spaces
of contemporary art from Latin America and the United States. His work has been widely
exhibited in the circuits of international fairs and is part of important collections of
contemporary art, both public and private.

By Dennys Matos, curator